Coming this Weekend in AQWorlds…

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Haha, this a bit late guys- and I’m sure it’s for members. Sorry I’m a bit fidgety. Woah. College. Kinda creepy. Anyways xD Congratz to all of those who have graduated 🙂


Probably for members considering that the rest of Skyguard was all for member except for the airship part… Anyway…

So something about the Dreamscape is coming and something about a ghost town. Probably some battle lol- I’m really not sure. I’m not a member so I’m not caught up on the plot of this stuff ;D

Well look like there’s a lot of pressure on that Sky Captain of ours isn’t there? o3o But of course- ambush time first from the almighty who ever this bad guy (I think it’s a girl though xD) is.

New weapons are also coming out!


Several new items are going to be added. I really want to add an item to that shop… that thing looks pretty beast… I might give it a try. Never know… Anyway, there’s at least 4 of them. Here are the currently revealed ones…


Father’s day is coming up so that means more fathers day stuff! Woo~

Well that’s all for now~



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