AQW Walkthrough: Sandsea

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Honestly though, the quests here aren’t necessary- just for fun. So I’ll make them a gray color just for your enjoyment.


No really, you don’t have to do these if you don’t want to XD

Legendary Quest of Adventure

Beat up 6 Sketchy Zard or Frogmen or whatever they were called. Not too hard. I mean come on. It’s like a level 1 XD

Classic Hack-n-Slash

Defeat 6 monsters in the area. Ooooh, flashy.

Yeah, Another Quest

Yeah it’s okay, I can tell it’s another quest. xD Move forward two screens onto the boat and fight the MOST POWERFUL DRAGON IN ALL OF THE GAME. Bring at least 10 friends that are over level 20. Jeest kidding. If I’ve wasted your time, hey just remember to read ahead next time. It’s super easy. Let’s say that.

Insert Quest Title Here

Lol, I don’t remember. Go fight something 😀

Lol, the mysterious gray ghost of text has passed. Now. Moving on.

Move ahead to the very last screen on J6 (it’s called Pencil Puddle but J6 is the area name) and get onto the boat. Fight the dragon until you get J6’s Secret Hideout Map. This is crucial to your life. Jk. It’s crucial for completing the area though (like the magical other places that aren’t related). If you want to see it- you have to equip it. After the next step it wasn’t seeable to me so I assume it won’t be for you either.


Gee why are we here? You ask. Move along little heroes, the flying printers may attack. Move ahead one screen and into the boiler room/farmhouse or what ever you’d like to call it. You’ll see a magical little red button on the boiler. Simply click it. You now have the Dwakel Decoder– another necessary part to completing this.

SANDSEA PORT (+2 New Areas)

What a quaint… little… town… if that’s what you want to call it. And woohoo! More rep to earn :DD


Sandport and Starboard

Go run around and explore the place completely. Not that big and only one path so, not that bad. Oooh ships.

Shark Diving

Go fight some sand sharkies 😀 They like to swim in the sand and snatch up your weapons. Lol, not really but, they are in the sand. There’s only one sand shark in the area by the way. The icon makes it look like a lump of sugar. Lumps of sugar are delicious…

Thieving Cut Throats

Fight them hefty men… XD Aka the bandits

Lost and Found

Fight everything- or at least the sandsharks and the bandits.

Sell-Sword Sell-Outs

Fight the sword peoples at the very end and watch the cutscene.



Golden Scarab

Fight the golden scarabs around the place. If you ever need to get your way back, you can just /join the area again if you’re THAT lazy

A Noob is Guard

Fight the Anubis dead guard thingies. Yeah. Those things. XD

Bandaged Aids

Fight mummies around the place

Keys to the Royal Chamber

Basically kill everything around you. Meh. Chances are pretty lowish medium ish…

Confront Duat

K so directions. R is right, U is up  and L is left. R R U L U L U R and up the stairs o3o CUTSCENE TIEM.



Dark Medallion

Fight the light blue magical people…

Bad Doggies

Fight the dogs that are blue… well just about everything here is blue to be honest XD

Essentially Evil

Destroy worshipers and hounds

Loose Threads

Fight the spiders

Seek the Treasure

Find the floating thing (F is forward, L is left, R is right and D is down. F, L, L, R (not the door), L (the door), L, R, F, R, R). After you find it, it appears that Sek Duat has ran off…



Fight blue spiders to get what you need. The drop SHOULD be low, but I got it on my second try.

I Dream of…

Tigers and lions and what they dream of? XD F is forward, L is left, R is right and D is down. F, L, L, R (not the door), L (the door), L, R, F, R, R and you should be at the boss now. Fight Sek Duat.



Sandsational Castle

Basically just walk around. If you end up in the beginning again, keep walking back and end up at the sphinx.

Furry Fury

Fight 10 war hyenas. If you keep walking forward you’ll see them 😀 (lol so descriptive)

Keeping Secrets Under Wraps

Fight the war mummies until what you need drops

Gem Jam

Fight monsters until you get 5 gems

Enter the Sphinx

Fight the boss



Unlamanted Lamia: Lamia Snake Skin

Fight the Lamias until you get enough skins

E-vase-ive Measures

Go to the oasis and fight vases to get 5 freed djinns

Tri-hump-hant Camels

Go back to the oasis and fight camels

I Don’t Mean to Harp on It

Fight the harpies to get what you need

In-dijnn-ous Solution

Click on the arrows that are scattered around the place. There’s 5 of them

Chaos Lord Tibicenas

Fight the boss. You’re going to need a healer. You really will xD Cutscene and you’re done




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  3. i have map but how do i unlock the salloon?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • You can’t unlock the Saloon at the moment

  4. this is A-W-ESOME

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