AQW Walkthrough: Doomwood Part 2

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Doomwood Part 1 – Doomwood Forest
Doomwood Part 2 – Chopping Maul
Doomwood Part 3 – Tower of Necromancy
Doomwood Part 4 – Necromancer University
Doomwood Part 5 – Temple of Doomwood
Doomwood Part 6 – Lab/Mountain
Doomwood Part 7 – ‘Finale’
Doomwood Part 8 – ‘Doomwood Part 2’ Necropolis Dungeon
Doomwood Part 9 – Necrocavern
Doomwood Part 10 – Zombies
Doomwood Part 11 – Zombies Finale



Go to the left and enter the castle. Talk to Vayle.


Talk to Vayle and watch the cutscene of Artix coming in. Lol Artix fail. XD Lol I don’t get why we didn’t tell him that we can’t beat him with light based attacks… Talk to her again and start questing!

Zorbak’s Hideout

Accept the quest and then go the Undead Chopping Maul. There’s several references (e.g. Left for Undead 2/Left for Dead 2, Scarbucks/Starbucks and yeah. XD). Keep on going to the right. Then go up and exit the ‘Chopping Maul’. Mission accomplish! Lol and cutscene of… Yoda… I mean Zorba- I MEAN YODA.




Walk to the front of the Chopping Maul and click on the blue arrows to place the things. There aren’t any in the boss room. The room number is the first number and the number of arrows is the second number. Sorry if it’s kinda hard to read… 1-1, 1-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-3, 6-2, 7-1.

The Infected

Fight 6 Slime Skulls and 2 Personal Choppers. The drop rate is 100%. So if it isn’t dropping, you’ve either finished that part of the quest or you didn’t even accept the quest.

Chopping Spree

Every monster should drop body parts (not sure about the boss though- I’m not going to try). The parts are in the same room as Zomboda. Click them. They’re the blue arrows with sparklies. Ahh so sparkly…

GraveStop the Creature

IT’S BAUSS TIEM PEOPLE. TIME TO BEAT HIM- LIEK A BAUSS. Enter the first room of the Chopping Maul (not including the outside) and move up one screen. The boss is there. Wewt, cutscene tiem 😀


Magical Key of Awesome (Woahwait.)

There’s a 1% drop for a magical key which will open up a magical room. Or that’s what the rumors say. Lol, but yes it has 1% drop and will indeed open up the room. The “Zorbak’s Secret G-rave Key” drop rate as stated before is 1%

Here’s the room… That wasn’t really exciting.

Fountain Quests

Also, if you fight the Creature enough you can get tokens in which you can finish the Fountain’s quests. The quests aren’t related to anything and aren’t really special. Here are the fortunes.

  • Fortune #1
    • You have remarkable power which you are not using. But which any necromancer would be happy to… borrow.
  • Fortune #2
    • Don’t let doubt and suspicion bar your progress. Or zombies.
  • Fortune #3
    • Your principles mean more to you than any power, wealth, or success. No-one in the Necropolis believes this, so watch your HP. And your inventory.
  • Fortune #4
    • You will fortunate in the opportunities presented to you. Unless those opportunities take place in DoomWood.
  • Fortune #5
    • You will not easily reach the height of success in whatever you do. You will have a harder time reaching the top of the Tower of Necromancy, though.
  • Fortune #9
    • Protective measures will prevent costly disasters. Especially here in DoomWood.
  • Fortune #10
    • You are admired (especially by zombies) for your mind.
  • Fortune #6
    • Accept something that you cannot change, like your new living undeath.
  • Fortune #7
    • Feeding a zombie with genius brains does not get extra appreciation.
  • Fortune #8
    • A long life was in store for you.




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  1. I got the token mate and the key. If u need screen shots or info for ur site just message me 🙂

    • Oh hey great! If you haven’t already, you can upload the picture on Tinypic o3o Photobucket is fine too XD
      Wew do send them asap 🙂
      Thanks a lot 😀

      • These are the direct links. I can message you the fortunes too if you want 🙂

      • Lol thanks man. Yeah that’d be awesome!

  2. Quest: Un-Fortune-ate Fountain
    All those who wish to know what doom-filled fate is in store for them are in un-luck! I see you found the DoomCoin in the Chopping Maul. You will be rewarded with a most unfortunate fortune when you bring me Sheleton Shells and DoomWood Treeant Hardwood. Their resources are… useful.

    You need two of each resource.

    And you get to PICK 1 of 10 Fortunes numbered 1 to 10. They are all note items.

    • Thanks 😀 I’ll post them when I’m not lazy XD

  3. wants on the fortune………………….?

    • No idea. I haven’t been trying to get the drop recently. I’ve gotten Zorbak’s, but I haven’t gotten the fountain quest ones. I have to add in the quests too since LifeStrykr gave them to me…

  4. HAHAHA the secret room is like Deadmou5 Concert!

    • Agreed XD

  5. hey can i see u phantom on aqw

    • Haha yeah sure! I’m usually on during updates on Fridays on Nythera if you want to catch me. User is Pokeberry by the way. And yours?

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