Zorbak and Other Things This Weekend on AQWorlds!

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This Week on Doomwood!

This weekend, the Doomwood continues and Artix has well… found out that there’s a magical undead threat. Looks like there’s going to be another one of those ‘war’ things where you have to fill the war gauge to move on… Hopefully we can get over that as soon as possible! If you haven’t found out why we’re trying to keep him away, play this week’s part one of Doomwood. You can find the walkthrough on my site here

Can I defeat Vordred?

Nope. Don’t believe what anyone else has said. It can’t be done. You can beat him! XD For proof, look at this (this was in a post made by Cysero aka a Moderator/Founder)

Yerp. Now stop wasting your time and effort on beating him up.

Wait so, what’s coming out this week?

Come and let’s go to the CHOPPING MAUL. Did you get that? ;D Chopping maul? Shopping Mall? Yeah? Get it? No? Okay. Anyway, it’s time to go the Chopping Maul to see Zorbak… The cute little ebil blue moglin. That failed school. Last time we tried to get into Doomwood needed his help… and we’re going to need his help again. Ooooh fun. Let’s see what other great plans he has up his… Umm… Demented… Cape… this time…

Oh yeah and, LEVEL CAP RAISE TO 40. WOO- wait I seriously have some legit leveling up to do before I get to level 30… fail…

Quibble? What?

That’s right! Quibble is coming back again this weekend. He’s going to have a lot of Doomwood stuff. Most of his stuff (or all of it… that depends…) is going to be AC based. So go get some if you need some! Or if you’re running low…

Did someone say… Necromancer?

Yep, the Necromancer class is coming back NEXT week. Take note of the NEXT week.

Well, that’s all for now!




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  1. … new shmew its easy to do

  2. yes u can u can slay ultra epic vordred

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