AQW Shamrock Event ’11 Guide

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Lol, the way I write things will be different, forget how I wrote my guides.


I think the max tickets per game you can get is only 10. Unsure. xD Do remember that your tickets DO NOT explode after you log off.


Hohoho, got some British spelling in there have we :3 Sells a hat for ACs


Lol, sounds like “Mog OHRLY” xD Sells prizes

BOXHEAD – Smack a Sneevil

Not too hard of a game- it’s just the hammer that throws me off a bit šŸ˜ But meh, not too bad. šŸ™‚ Rules are pretty simple. Aim the white target onto the sneevils and KABLOOIE. šŸ˜€

MOGLIN WALLACE – Hit a Red button

LOL creative name I made there :3 Just click when the arrow is in the green area.Ā  LOL I WAS SO KIND THAT I LIED. Hit it when it’s in the red area. Free cookie if you caught what I said. Lol, sorry, too lazy to list all the strengths. Hohoho, each of the sentences started with some variation of laughing.


A bit annoying- click to jump and collect coins. That simple. I got really mad cause it was really annoying after 3 tries so XD


Yeah I would tell you where to go if I wasn’t a non-member XD


Use the arrow keys to bounce the ball around. Not too hard. Cept for the fact that you may have faulty arrow keys **coughcough**

SHY MOGS – Clover Fields

Same as what I said for the hedge maze. (Hence green=member only stuff)

Yeah so have fun little children XD I HAVE A GUIDE FOR RAINBOW HERE —> Rainbowz šŸ˜€ Can’t find the one I wrote for a long time ago….



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