AQW Rainbow ’11 Guide

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Since I can’t find my old one for some reason even though I’m SURE I wrote it… WOOT FOR SAINT PATRICK’S DAY AND CLOVERS- even though I still don’t know what they represent.


Lol, cool, giant rainbow in big letters. (Ahaha literally :3) They don’t have the leprechaun armor this year


Gee I sure want some sparkly dust.

Rainbow Rats

Fight 10 rainbow rats. Could life get any easier?


Defeat Monochrome

Destroy the A.R.C.

Lol, beware. It has eyes on the back of its head even though it’s facing the other way O: I mean. It has. AN. eye. XD Amuse yourselves.

Frost that Lucky Harms!

I swear that made no grammatical sense whatsoever. Go destroy the evil pig. Cause that’s his name. XD


Lol, I never knew that was a pneumatic (lol is that even right) device for the rainbow until this year. Kind of sad. XD

Pot of Gold!

Pot of gold ish on a SOMETHING SOMEWHERE. I got it on my second try. You may get it on your 9001st. xD

The Shoe’s News AND A Shoemaker’s Work is Never Done

Eh, just go fight stuff. xD So ambiguous. I’m sorry. 😛 But fight the bosses and see what they drop- then fight the rats. 🙂

Eh rather short guide.


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