Darkovia Part 3

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Oh. How nice. She wants to eat me? That’d be cool, its like, I turn into a vampire and then I eat her! YEAH! I think that’s what happens… O.o

Oh. Dear. The moment you move; you are killed. >< Oh, just take all the right stuff XD Get past the Albino bat, then take the right door, then the right stair. You’ll find Safiria there ^^


Feeding Grounds
Fight Maggots to get the Dentures

Going Batty
Fight Albino Bats

Lycan Knights

Defeat 4 Chaos Lycan Kings; they drop 100% cause they all have ears. Woot. With friends; all should be well 🙂

Twisted Paw

To find Twisted Paw, go down one screen from Safiria, right one screen, to the door on the top right, then right again, AND OMG LOOK THERE HE IS… Yeah. Kai… It took two people for me to fight him and the drop is 100%. He’s a boss so… Turn in the head and you’ll get the Old Moon sword.

Oh wait! Cutscene ^^ Oohhh; Safiria’s a getting mad :3 Looks like Wolfwing was only a distraction! Oh dear!

That’s all for this week! Next week- The Wolflands…



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