Darkovia Part 2

February 21, 2010 at 4:20 PM | Posted in AQW Quests, AQWorlds News, Guides, Notices, Random | Leave a comment

Woot! Part 2 is up! I was lazy. Sorry.


‘Lil Red

Little Red Riding Hood. Follow the button her speaking stuff to go to her! Then get… Can I Axe You Something? Yep. Fight a spider for the document drop; the drop is… okayish. 50% chance about? Now for the slime document! You can find them in Swordhaven. I went to Intro. By accident. You can watch the show again if you’d like, but it’s some what time consuming and makes you feel like a noob. A neophyte. That’s right. XD Meanwhile, trying to find a wolf is easy. Exit Darkovia, or just keep traveling right of Green Guard East. Now for frogzards! I went to Willow Creek for them in the back of the first guy’s house. If you haven’t finished that… I forget where they are, but I’m sure they’re in Green Guard West. Then you’re like; wait; WEREBOAR?! WAZZAT? Yeah; I forgot too. Well; we’re back to Green Guard West again. Travel down to find him! He was from the quest about pigs! You don’t remember either? Well.. I can’t help you there. Now that you’re done… Go back to Z.

A Dire Situation


Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Fight the maggots in the area 

What a Lich!
Fight the Lich 



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