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Woot. Official Quest Guide for Crash Site. For this blog at least!



Get this from Dwakels. Drop is 100%. How nice.

Dam Balloons

Fight dwakel with things on their backs! They has another 100% drop! I think…

Bumper Bolts

Fight those funny yellow things! Yay! Wow… this is fail…

Mithril Man Parts

Yay! Here we go! For the most epicest weapon! Go to the part right before ProtoSartorium, and you’ll find a funky monster in yellow. Fight him and run by. Thar he is! Mithril Man! Yeah, if you move he attacks. The drop is not 100%.

ProtoSartorium Parts

Woot! The last quest! Go fight de ProtoSartorium. All you have to do is get past it’s lazor of doom. Walk and sleep under it, or walk all the way down then to the right. It’s much simpler and doesn’t cost you as much ‘life’. Yeah; the drop is 100%! But the thing is; you will, and will, and must, need people to help you with him.

Recommendation; accept all the quests and then go off fighting stuff.



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