AQWorlds Walkthrough: Darkovia

February 6, 2010 at 8:19 PM | Posted in AQW Quests, Guides | 4 Comments



A Grave Mission
Basic point of the mission; travel around then meet the king. Darkovia is basically an entrance, two wings spreading off into two circles.  Just go all the way left to the building and step on the shiny object.

Lending a Helping Hand
Fight 8 Skeletal Fire Mages; not that hard. You can also /join Portal and fight Skeletal Fire Mages there. It might be faster.

Bone Apettit
Fight 10 Rattlebones

Batting Cage
8 Albino bats to kill

His Bark is Worse Than his Blight
Walk all the way to the right to fight the boss




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  1. I was wondering when I get on the map darkvoia forest as I step into the sapphire’s castle because I already tried everything else to no avail. thanks

    • I’m a little confused about your question. Do you mean you can’t get into her room? Or castle? After going into the Darkovia Forest, go forward, go left, then up, then go to the right; there’s a little arrow there. Enter the castle, take the left or right door, then walk up the right or left stairs. Saphira’s castle should be there.
      If you can’t enter the area, make sure you finished the quests! 😀
      Hope this helped. Ask again if needed.

  2. Thanks for givin all those answers, but some were wrong some were correct

    • Is that so? Would you like to correct them for me? 😀

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