AQW Half Time and Darknovia!

February 1, 2010 at 9:04 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News, Notices, Random | Leave a comment

Okay, first; let’s talk about where we left off. This Friday, Kitsune will be available to all players! Artix really likes the cutscenes :3 Can’t wait ^^

Meanwhile; do you recall Darknovia? That gate? Next to the well? Do ya? Do ya? YA DON’T?! Well I’ll refresh your memory; it’s on the East Greenguard Forest area, it’s where that gate was. Where it’s dark. Yeah? Don’t see it? Well I’ll lead you there on the epic quest march.

Super Bowl? Did someone say Salad Bowl?! :DD Nope. XD There’s going to be a Super Bowl Half-Time show shop again ^^ And an updated version of the Twilly Hunt! PWNED ^^ This year; everyone’s ready! TO CRASH THOSE SERVERS! >D

Groundhork (hog)’s day is tomorrow; check Twilly at about noon EST (darn I’ll be in school… I’m sure he’ll stay for the rest of the day :PP). Epic quest rewards! 😀

Also, Artix and Co. Would like to hear about your ideas for Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year. Go post on the forums! :DD

Anyone for some Snugglebears? :3 No? Well, go and play with them on Dragon Fable anyway…



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