AQWorlds War Epic Update!

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WOAH EPIC! Well; this was supposed to be happening on Friday… But I was busy so…

Here’s the new start screen…

Well; that’s most interesting ^^ Anyway. Continuing with life. There’s a new area; it’s called Northlands. I refuse to take a picture of EVERY SINGLE SCREEN. So I’ll take care of a couple of them.

Well; there you go. In order from left to right that would be Adak Amoraq, George Forge-man and… NYTHERA-OMG WHY IS SHE HERE… well… she was here already but who knows… Hey look she’s wearing purple I’ll bet you she’s evil! ^-^ Everyone that has purple is evil and that will be my thesis for today. Please note that um… what are they called… RIGHT… spoilers will follow. Well not really but sure.

The first quest from Nythera is… you know what; let’s do this in quest format.

Ice Cold Heart

GOAL- Obtain 6 Hearts of Ice

This one is really easy. Accept this quest and then find a snow golem and fight them six times; or until you have 6 Hearts of Ice; but it should be a 100% drop on my count.

Element of Surprise

GOAL- Obtain Cipher Imprint

This one is also really easy. Keep going forward until you travel… what was it… left! They you’ll see this funky weird ‘door’ with stuff all over it. Walk over it and you should get it. It’s not a drop; it’s just there so 100% unless it glitches or you don’t get the quest or something else. Who knows.

Wait a sec! I didn’t get anything you say, but well… THERE WAS A POINT IN DOING ALL OF THAT… I think? Well there wasn’t. I think. Well; what you need right now is a gemerald. If you talked to the guy named GEORGE FORGE-MAN, you need one for a chaos gemerald. Hm; chaos, I TOLD YOU NYTHERA WAS EVIL… Well continuing; in order to get this gem, you must fight a snow worm. Or what ever. Those funny dragons with riders, so yeah. that’s all I have to say. Then you can enter. Through the I SHALL GO STRAIGHT FORWARD way.  Or can you? Nope. You have to finish Nythera’s quest’s AFTER YOU GET THE GEMERALD. Then go ahead and knock yourself out.




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