AQWorlds Dragon Koi… Here We Come!

November 7, 2009 at 10:50 PM | Posted in AQW Quests, AQWorlds News, Guides, Notices | 6 Comments


Anyway; quicker words, Dragon Koi stuff is out and second of all, Ballyhoo is here too for free AC’s mk? Back to the quests mk?

Okay first, you have to rewatch the cutscene at the tournament. Then go to the second house and accept Ai no Miko’s quests.

Dog Days

Nothing hard, go right two times into the house and defeat 5 ninjas and 5 samurai.

Faceless Threat

It’s pretty obvious as to what to do here. Defeat a samurai until you get the item and then return to Ai no Miko.

Zodiac Puzzle Key

I’ll tell you the order of the Zodiac first. Mouse/rat, ox/cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster/chicken, dog and pig. Then the cycle starts over again. The characters up there; their either in Kanji, or their in traditional Chinese.  I dunno XD. Anyways, to get the pieces, you’ll have to fight in either the rat, ox, or tiger room for the first piece; and you get the point I hope. After doing so return to Ai no Miko. As for chance drops; I have no idea. Sorry.


Now lets go! To the roof my friend! BWAF…. Tis a Dai Tengu-san! :O Yeah anyway, then return to Ai no Miko.

And the end! Wait until next week for the next epicness!





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  1. i still don’t know how to finish the zodiac puzzle key quest >.<

    • Basically fight monsters in different rooms until you get all the pieces you need. There are pieces on every floor.

  2. i dond know where to find the third key

  3. just kidding just attack the middle animal zodiak then u will get the piece u need to have patient

  4. The Zodiac Puzzle piece quest is easy because Im chinese. The words on the wall represent animals of the Zodiac thing, but I can’t recognize most of the words

    • Cool!
      Do you mean the words for the Zodiac? Or just in the town itself?

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