AQWorlds Dragon Koi Tournament

September 26, 2009 at 3:40 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News, Guides, Random | 5 Comments

The Dragon Koi Tournament has officially begun! So to specialize the event; the front game page screen has changed. Epic.

So allow me to explain the Parts of the Yokai Boat. Yokai means; ‘ghost’ or ‘phantom’. The 4th Lord of Chaos’ name is kitsune. Kitsune means fox. Basically; if you read Naruto; you might know that. The 9th demon beast’s name is ‘Kyuubi’. Meaning nine tailed bewitching fox. I think you can see where the Kitsune part fits in.

Now for the Shops in Akiba. Akiba is actually a real place in Japan. On the first house on the left; I can’t read Kanji; so I’m not sure what it says (I can read a little :3) IN the house; the two words should read dojo. I haven’t checked; I was sifting through Reborn to find it. But Dojo is two words in Kanji. ‘Do’ and ‘Jo’. The person inside the house’s name is ‘Kunoichi’. Ichi means number one; hence the word ‘Ichiban’ means Number One (like Im the best at that!). Ichi can be used as the number one (literally as in one, two, three…) OR as in ‘IM NUMBER ONE’. Ichi tends to be used in names to say ‘number one what ever’. An example is Ichigo; which can mean strawberry; OR when the word is used as a name (not that strawberry can’t be the meaning) it would mean ‘Number one guardian’ as ‘Go’ means guardian when put into name context. This person sends some interesting things; check them out yourself!

Now outside of the next house; there’s an old lady. Her name is Obbasan. This literally means ‘Grandmother’. Normally in Romanji, Obbasan would be written as ‘Obba-san’ as ‘San’ is an ending that you add to show respect. But if you take out the san; It doesn’t mean anything.

Now inside the house (I still can’t read the Kanji there) is a Cosplay vendor named Nekomini. Cosplay is a very popular thing to do in Japan and it’s most common to dress up as Anime characters like Ichigo, Renji, Ed, Alphonse, Len, Rin, Hibari, Tsuna and so on. Neko means ‘Cat’; probably she has ‘Neko’ in her name since well… She SORTA looks like a cat. I don’t think mini means anything; its a word derived from English so her name means ‘Small Cat’. Makes sense huh? 😀 She sells some interesting items. For those who watch Shugo Chara (I for one do not) and like Ikuto; might as well buy those cat ears.

Now go to the third part (there’s nothing to say about that guard). If you talk to the Guard on the right; he makes a reference to Dragonball-Z (not that I read or watch it; I just know this stuff). Ryoku means strength; or power. They just added a ‘Ry’ instead of ‘G’ which Goku is his real name. It can mean words, phrases, quite or very. In which none of them fit so… I have no idea which one so lets leave that part out.

Now enter the place. Cutscene! Noticed the ‘Help me’ yet? XD

Now lets look at the contestants. The first two I have no idea where they reference from. NOTruto. Sound familiar? Naruto! Naruto is the number 3 Anime/Manga in Japan. They put in ‘Not’ instead of ‘Nar’. Naruto Uzumaki; a ninja and hokagage wanna be. He becomes a ninja and is in training for stuff as of now. Naruto is a kid with a demon sealed in him; ‘Kyuubi’. I’ve mentioned him before. He’s the protagonist of the story and has a simple and stupid character. He also is VERY similar to Goku. The artist wanted to give him attributes similar to him. Naruto is actually a sliced stick of Kamaboko that has a pink whirlpool design and is used for a topping for ramen. There should be another meaning… Anyway; this matches him as he has a whirlpool on his back and he loves ramen. Right it also means steamed fish cake. Say what? Anyway; moving on. The next guy is Neko Yasha. He’s a reference to the ‘Inuyasha’ series that has recently ended. Its about a guy with dog ears or something and a sword who likes this girl as far as I know. Inu means dog and Yasha means ‘female demon’. Neko means ‘cat’ as you might recall; so all they did was change dog to cat. Interesting. Bash Ketchup. If you don’t know what this reference is; I’d be surprised! ITS THE WORLD WIDE PHENOMENA OF… Pokemon? IF one remembers clearly way back in the day; the main character Ash was continually referenced as Ash Ketchum from the first episode and the contests he entered. Ketchum sounds like Ketcup and Ash; its just fun to make it ‘Bash’. Nothing to be learned from that. I’ve already explained Ryoku. Go ahead and fight now!

The first opponent is Bash/Ash; with his trusty Pockey Chew/Pikachu. They sound very familiar eh? Pikachu is Ash’s first and probably most favorite pokemon. Pockey is a type of candy written as ‘Pocky’, but no matter. I’d fight him with any class. Basically a yellow moglin with some brown stripes. When defeating him; he’ll say ‘No! Your attacks were too powerful against my little Pockey Chew! I need to find Nurse Bliss quick!’ Look! A parody! The original nurse was Nurse Joy. A synonym of Joy is Bliss. Not to mention the helpers are Blisseys. A kind of pokemon.

Notruto; I’m not familiar with season 2 of Naruto only the first with team 7 so no references for me to help you with.

Absolute Zero. Maybe a reference to Teen Titans? The Incredibles? I don’t know.

Sporkion? Scorpion? I dunno… :\

Everything else shouldn’t need explaining. Oh; the announcer dude; yes he is in practically every anime… sorta. Reborn, Bleach and ToraDora don’t have one :3

Yeah that’s pretty much it. ENJOY THE JAPANESE LESSON XD!




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  1. thnx now i know already them

  2. I like this post. Thank you very much. I will follow your Blog.

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate that. 😀
      You might not see as much new stuff now since I’m more busy; but new and improved (…) will arrive! Currently writing guides for AQW and Dragon Fable. 🙂
      Thank you for following the blog ^^

  3. ‘Sporkion’ and ‘Absolute Zero’ are parodies of ‘Scorpion’ and ‘Sub-Zero’ who are characters from MORTAL COMBAT. They look pretty much the same in aq worlds and in mortal combat, so no change there.

    • Oh, thank you! 😀
      I shall add those as soon as I am not lazy and have some time! :DD
      Thanks a lot ^^

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