AQWorlds Talk Like a Pirate!… And a War! :D

September 20, 2009 at 1:45 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News | Leave a comment

Super long title. Hahaha. Anyway; Quibble’s come back for a bit and there’s a war. And it’s Talk Like a Pirate weekend. 😀 Yay for that.

There’s rare items in Quibble’s shop… but they’re all AC’s so boo hoo. I haven’t been writing anything lately becuase of one; homework; and two tests. So yeah. Anyways there’s a war between pirate and ninja and you are given a haiku from Princess Miko which has a hidden message within. As for the stamp; I can tell you what that says! Well; its like; love, person, person, then a woman beginning. I mean like in kanji and Chinese, when something is in ownership of a girl or what ever; that sign is put in front. Considering that Miko is a girl I guess thats why thats there. And it should be read right to left XD

So; Yokai Island will open up after we complete the war. Yokai literally means ‘ghost’ or ‘phantom’ or ‘monster’ although bakemoto is more commonly used for ‘monster’. A Yokai is more like a spirit.

So have fun figuring out the haiku and doing stuff!


P.S- No I have not finished the dagger page… >_<

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