AQW Walkthrough: Crash Site

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Fight 8 Dwakel Blasters or Dwakel Warriors; either way, you will get what you need

Dam Balloons
Fight 4 Dwakel Blasters or Warriors, you’ll get what you need

Bumper Bolts
Fight 6 Dwakel Blasters or Warriors

Mithril Man Batteries
The first hard quest; fight Mithril Man. He is rather easy to get to, but the matter is FINDING him. Go up from the person that gives the quest and then go right. You’ll see a yellow ‘droid’ with a yellow shield around it. Fight that. Then you will discover another path to go to, go there. You’ll find Mithril Man

ProtoSartorium Parts
He is located one screen up from the Barrier Bot blocking the way to Mithril Man. You will see a red laser. Don’t touch that. To get around it, there are two ways, the first way being the better. Go all they way down on the screen, then walk across on the bottom. The second way is to go as far back possible then walk across the red laser after typing in /sleep into the chat bar.


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