AQW Walkthrough: Green Guard Forest Part 2

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Vicious Wolves
Go to the well and you’ll see two wolves. Obtain 6 pelts then return to Hunting Hood and give her the pelts to complete the quests

Slimes to the West, Slimes Everywhere
Fight 6 slimes

Scaly Menace
Fight 5 Frogzards and get 5 teeth. I must say that they are in the Western part of the forest

Overgrown Spiders
Another really easy quest. Go to the well area and fight spiders there, or anywhere else that has that kind of spider


You can get to him by going up from the Hunter then going right.

Landing Swords
You’ll find the swords by finding them just lying around. Walk over them. HINT HINT. There’s one near the river, one near Bloodtusk ravine, one in a sign post above the screen where the bard is, one is in a trunk left of the bard, one is near Darknovia, one is in a bush near Hunter, and the last one is near Estherstorn Wates.


This trunk is near Hunter, to get in, just click on it. It has a sparkle above it. You might have to click a couple of times. Inside lays… the BASILISK OF DOOM! One look and you shall be frozen… or… maybe not… The basilisk drops the Black Knight’s ARM piece for the Black Knight’s Quest.



There’s a well! Well! To go down the well, all you have to do is walk over it. Darknovia is not open yet so don’t bother going there… You shall meet… THE GELL OH NO! I don’t know what that is… but it’s a giant blob of gelatin! Huzzah for jelly like things! This guy drops the Black Knight’s Leg Piece for the Black Knight’s Quest.

Gell Oh No



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