AQW Walkthrough: Green Guard Forest Part 1

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To get to this person all you have to do is go to the west side of Green Guard and then keep going left with out stopping until you can’t go left anymore

Warm MILK!
Go to the farm and you’ll see some small bottles, you’ll have to gather four

Cold Medicine
Go to the River and fight the river fishmen. Fight two of them

Cup of Tea, Please
Go to Noobshire and fight a Kittarian Mouse Eater or Kittarian Mouse Flayer

Go to Willow Creek, you must have access to the caves first. Go into the caves and fight a dwakel, you will receive a music box. If not, continue fighting. I think they only drop from the casters; not the soldiers


To get to this area, walk left, and then after seeing the two slimes, go left, and then go up. You’ll see the wolves here.

Wolves for Hire
To find the pig, go back to the lady who had sleep issues and go down. Fight the boar and then return to the wolves with the contract. He’s fairly easy

Blue Green Prints
Go and fight the Were Boar again and fight him until you get what you need (hope you got the ‘blueprint’ pun)

Brick Head
Go and fight the Were Boar AGAIN. You have to fight him at least three times to get all three bricks


To get to this place, either type /join greendragon or get a summon, or after joining Green Guard West, go left, go up and enter the giant brown thing

Green Dragon

To find this guy, after walking around a bit in the Forest, you’ll see this weird thing that is shiny near a tree. Click one of the trees. If nothing happens, keep clicking. Then enter the porta

Death Gazer


To get to this place, I joined some people, but you can also get here by walking. Join Green Guard West, go left, go up, go up, and then you’ll find the Black Knight. After defeating him, a quest appears. You must acquire all four pieces, then you get an orb which you may unlock the shop. The pieces are dropped by bosses



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