Uber Late AQW Post!

June 7, 2009 at 3:33 AM | Posted in AQWorlds News | Leave a comment

Quibble Coinbitter has arrived today with his futurized weapons! Girls also have dresses now (I hate dresses! Blech!). The Book of Lore has also been updated. In room 42 (at Yulgars if you didn’t know) you can change hair, skin, eye color; and now you can customize armor, trim, and accessory color on items (ooohhh Artix made a typo here XD)

As for the member’s club house, Cysero has changed it up a bit to his own liking (Yay Cysero!)! Here’s what’s so uber awesome…

  • A magical moglinberry explosion room
    (aka the Yogurt room: Unexpected things happen non-stop in here)
  • The Riddle Room
    Answer questions from the Riddlelord Statue and if you get it right you will fight the Riddlelord’s Golem with a small percent chance of dropping the Cysero Defender’s weapons! (An Early Celebration of the founders of Cysero’s defenders! — which is actually on the 22nd)
  • Alchemy Potion Fight Room
    you are free to use as many potions as you would like. Have fun.. make your friends different colors.
  • Portal Room
    A portal that takes you the dark and scary place inhabited by dread spiders with crazy drops
  • The SEEEECRET PASSAGE! (Awesome)
    It is located… somewhere… in the house…. if you can find it it goes to a secret room where ther eis a circle of summoning stones from which random monsters are being pulled from all over Lore and dropped into the room

Yeah copied that from the design notes. Only if you’re a member can you access the club house.

Did I mention that there’s a war? 😮

Oh and here are the new items (also copied from design notes).

  • Golden Centurion Armor
  • Golden Centurion ShieldedArmor
  • Golden Centurion Sword
  • Golden Centurion Helm
  • Golden Centurion Commander Helm
  • Chaos Symbiote Armor
  • Red and Gold Centurion Cape
  • Toga

That’s all for today!



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