Tower of Realitivity Open!

May 16, 2009 at 4:26 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News | Leave a comment

YAY! The tower is now open to everyone. To get past areas, you have to do the quests that the doors give you.

For the first one, fight the Cyclops until you get the key.

For the second one, fight the fire imps six times.

For the third one…  no duh you fight the gargoyle.

Then you go into a cutscene where you find… TEH FIRST LORD OF TEH CHAOS! Escherion to be more exact. 🙂 Ah, it appears that your character is very dumb no? Now… GO FIGHT THAT HYDRA!

Wait, are you serious? First doors give me quests… and then.. a bonfire?! You’re kidding me right? Anyways, you have to find the hydra and fight them to get the teeth. The hydra also drop items. After you get 9 teeth, go to the rocks and keep pressing the “X” until the rock breaks. After doing that, go to the bonfire and finish his/her/its quest. Now you see a cutscene where the tower falls and the poor hydra head gets kersplodified. 😦

There doesn’t seem to be anything to do after this…

There’s a new shadow dragon pet that looks uber cool! And to add on to this, AQWorlds has updated it’s site a little. 😉 Also not to mention good and bad shops have been updated with new weapons!



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