AQWorlds Glitch and Quest Continuation

May 10, 2009 at 6:24 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News, Cheats and Glitches, Notices | 4 Comments

Of course I think all of you would like to know the glitch first… I really didn’t want to put it on at first since Artix was bound to find out eventually so if so many people used it… Anyways, don’t you hate how hard the red dragon is? And how annoying it is when you lose a bazillion mana and then you die? (Wow that sounded corny… I give you… THE RED DRAGON CHEAT! (That’s really corny…)… Okay anyways, first you have to be a mage. Get to at least Rank 2… Then… then…! Go to where the red dragon is. Use ice shard on him and leave, come back and repeat 4 times… Now he should heal you instead of attacking you… I feel kinda sad to know that I have to finish this TODAY so I can finish the quest continuation of the Mobius thing… gr… Anyway…

I’ll just go on to the quest after fighting the red dragon… The next quest is surprisingly easy. Just fight 12 wyverns and wa lah! You’re done… While your at it, you might get a wyvern pet; yay something to sell or keep! Then again their drop rate is pretty high. The dragonspirit thing is 100% drop. I’m too lazy to fight anything else to see if it’ll drop; wyverns are the easiest thing to fight around  here in the lair. Now you have access to the dragon slayer armor! How yayish!

So as I was saying, you have to fight a bunch of cyclops which is really annoying… 20% drop at least from my calculations… Don’t ask, I’m really weird… I haven’t exactly finished yet. The next quest is to find… food! Of course! YUMZ! We’re all hungry after finding some cloth from some yummy cyclops… -nom nom nom- Ahah, just joking…. or am I? Also, there’s a small glitch going on with the cyclops,  the cyclops might have 1,500 HP rather than 2,000 HP, I’ve only found this when your on the first screen of monsters… How weird…

Next you have to find the chainsaw sneevils and fight them to get some boxes… oh dear.. I have a feeling the drop rate is very low… Or maybe I just didn’t accept the quest… Hah… Or maybe it is pretty low. I haven’t finished…

Anyways, I just update a new page…

I has to go now! 🙂




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  1. not bad and thanks

  2. No problem 🙂

    • it didnt work for me did they fix it or anything?

      • Yeah; they fixed it some time ago. Sorry; try and make a big group to fight the dragon 😀 That’s what my friends and I do.

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