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May 9, 2009 at 6:32 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

The Ruins are now avalible to everyone if you’ve finished the chain quest! Talk to the green moglin in the Ruins to get your quests 🙂

The first quest is to fight eight gargoyles… They drop their wings! Huzzahz! They don’t drop in 100% of the time, so yeah… You’ll have to fight a lot of the time in order to finish the quest 😉

The second quest is to fight some random “stuff”… no just a teleporter 😦

The third one… ah… just more gargoyles to fight for some pwetty bwue gems! Luckily the gargoyle has a 100% drop of a blue gem. So just fight 10 gargoyles…

For the fourth one, just go back to the teleporter and step on it. Not much..

Now to fight the golem! He drops some cool stuff 😀 He’s a high level but really easy to beat up. He drops random stuff! I said that already didn’t I…

This one is quite easy. Go to the door on the second screen and go to the Moglin Painting.  You now have the Runix Cube.

Now go back to Renn and Zio at Mobius and solve the minigame!

After that… Woah! More quests from them… As usual… Go left and left and then go up. You’ll find the teleporter there. Now you have to fight some cyclops. How kind… fighting such weird “objects” 😛 It’s a really bothersome quest in my opinion considering the fact that they don’t drop stuff all the time… I’ve fought like ten and I’ve only gotten two, so I’m assuming that the chance of getting cloth is 20% or 1/5.

Did I mention that the Ruins might be glitched? I just realized 😦 Hah.. Sorry to break the happy moments so suddenly and so… uh… late… hah…

Anyways, I have to go now… I will continue after uh… some time 🙂




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  1. hii can u give the anwer ! how to solve the mini game

  2. Sorry I can’t give you the answer. There are a lot of answers. It depends on how your puzzle is scrambled. Keep having the game rescramble it for you, then when you think it’s easy enough to solve,. That’s all I can say for now.
    Hope that helps.

  3. hey, i know bout this, where is the quests after the hydra? i came here looking for inside information, and that is not even a good guide, do more reaserch, and get more recent news

  4. Hm… let me see… this was over like what? Almost two weeks ago now? There currently aren’t any quests after the hydra. They will be released on Friday. Plus; the computer I usually work on is slow and I can’t work on the laptop (which is faster) very often so I don’t bother to write down a lot of information (I’m ATTEMPTING…)… Second, I write the guides so they suck, and do I have to mention that this is uh what? Very old?
    If your looking for more information, look at the AQW design notes. 🙂

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