Friday the 13th! on AQWorlds… Very Delayed

March 22, 2009 at 9:51 PM | Posted in AQWorlds News | Leave a comment

You can go on the special Friday the 13th event on AQWorlds. It’s currently a replay event and probably will end soon. It’s the first event with a talking/singing NPC! Presenting… VOLTAIRE! Anyway, you’re on your way to SKULL PUNCH ISLAND… get some dubloons to get some uber awesome holiday rares! With the help of your friends you’ll have loads in no time at all! 🙂 You’ll sink to the bottom of the sea and still be able to breathe! Whose fault is it? Yours of course… From the time of… Dragon Fable… I’m hoping you have a fast computer. There is A LOT OF LAG. I would recommend you get anything that moves around CONSTANTLY like a pet… um… I’m very sure you wouldn’t want to get rid of yourself on that one… *cough* Also, beware, you might suddenly log off. I hate when that happens. So I would try and get your dubloons as fast as possible. Also, after you finish the thing, you have to start from the beggining, but you won’t lose your dubloons just saying.  Unless you throw them away somehow… >.<

To get a lot of dubloons I have some tips.

-Try to get on the least “loaded” server

-Invite lots of friends online, but not enough that your computer will ker’splode

-Use a FAST computer

-Use your most effective armor, I prefer the mage one since you don’t have to heal that much since for mana you can just use infusion

-Get rid of anything that moves around while walking, example, pets or capes that move around

-Try to not to finish acts THAT fast. It’s not helpful to whizz through it and then having to do it over and over

Good luck!



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